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Teaching Gratitude: from Mothers as Teachers

Whoa, time flies and as I am learning to teach my 3 children the valuable lesson of the holiday season and gratitude. I am learning how to teach them to be giving and grateful for everything they have.

Here are words of advice from 3 amazing ladies who have helped me in my journey! Enjoy!

“As a grateful person, I have the opportunity to give to others, which is something my boys continue to observe in my daily living. I have told them and shown them over the years that anyone can be thankful, but until the thankfulness is turned into gratitude, it is wasted. So, I am thankful, but more importantly, I lead by example and they see my gratitude by focusing on being positive and happy, by counting my blessings, by showing and giving appreciation, by encouraging, and by sharing, loving, and live with a grateful heart. For all we have is because we are grateful.”

~ Kate S. Mother of 3, previous Teacher, Director and Mentor

“It was important to me to instill humility and thankfulness in my daughter as forms of gratitude.  She is now almost 30 years old and still carries these lessons with her”

  1. When someone gives you a gift, write a thank you.
  2. When you don’t get everything you want, the things you do get are special.
  3. Treat your things respectfully and with care, because they aren’t going to be replaced.
  4. Resources are limited, so it is important to avoid being wasteful. 

~ Jeannette G, Mother, College professor and Mentor

We try and teach our children to be grateful for all they have; family, food and home. We talk about a person, place, and food that we are grateful for each day… It just reminds them that not everyone has these things. We talk about giving thanks (manners), helping others, and always be kind. We reflect on how it feels when others are not nice to us and what we can do to help others when that might happen to them.

~Christin L. Mother of 2 and current elementary teacher

We at Children of Tomorrow are grateful for opportunities to teach and instill gratitude in your children as well.

Our first core value at COT is:

High Achievement For All– We emphasize high expectations for all educators as well as our children, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of life, especially in academics, arts, sports, social skills and community participation, all of which prepare children for success in their lives as they continue their education into elementary school.

Happy Holidays
~ Mara