Summer Workout

Summer Workout Fun for Parents and Children

Take advantage of the warm temps and sunshine this summer with a family-friendly workout for both parents and children.

Get That Body Moving

We’ve all heard about the benefits of moving our body, so why not build it into a family fun summer workout.  Exercising your body is great for your physical health.  It’s important to keep your body strong.  Exercising daily for 20 minutes will not only keep your muscles toned but it will also keep heart, lungs and brain healthy.

Exercise boosts endorphins..those are the feel good chemicals in your brain that are referred to as a “runners high.” Good can get this feeling without running (running isn’t required at SIU)!  Exercise also improves your mental health and improves sleep.

Kids Need to Move Too

Let’s also talk about how important moving is for our youth.  Kids receive endless benefits from exercise, including a healthy relationship with their body.  What better way to teach them the importance of movement than to lead by example.  Family walks, bike rides, outdoor games and swimming are perfect ways for the entire family to move and workout together!

Family Fun Summer Obstacle Course Workout

One of my favorite things to do with young kiddos is to set up a fun obstacle course for a great summer workout.  All you need is things around your garage and some chalk.  Get creative!  A few hop-scotch squares, followed by a few cones with a hula hoop or two and then a lap around the house and you’ve got yourself a fun workout.  Grab your timer and make it a positive experience.  Lead by example..everyone should get involved.  The biggest thing we do at SIU is make Fitness FUN!  When you can get people, young or old to have a good time moving, then exercise doesn’t seem so bad!

Shape It Up, Your Booty, Your Attitude, Your Life at Shape It Up Fitness!

Shape It Up Fitness, located on Main Street in downtown Waconia, is a boutique fitness studio catering to all things wellness.  Our main focus at SIU is group fitness – we have over 30 classes per week.  Our classes are the biggest draw to the Waconia and surrounding community because they are fun and the energy is contagious.

Our class offerings include yoga sculpt, barre, boxing, beginner friendly classes, high impact boot camps and so many more unique offerings.  Over the past 11 years, we’ve created demand for our exclusive classes including “gangsta booty” and “rock’n weights.”  In addition to group fitness, we offer personal wellness plans, these packages include personal training session, goal settings, accountability check in, measurements, nutrition tracking plus unlimited text messages to stay motivated 24/7.

For those who prefer virtual fitness, we have a private accountability group with all the SIU vibes online.  We offer 3 LIVE workouts per week on the page with a new challenge starting each month.  This is a great option for those who are beginning a fitness journey or are looking for motivation and friendship without visiting a gym.

Interested in working out for a week free?  Come try us!  We’d love to have you.  Children of Tomorrow Waconia even offers drop-in care upon availability to get your workout in. Give them a call at 952.443.9900! 

Get the Family Moving this Summer

Want to get your family moving?  Let’s set up a time to create an outdoor family friendly workout for your crew!  We will come to your house for a family workout!  $49 for 1 hour until the end of August 2020!  If Mom or Dad want to start their own personal fitness journey, we will give you $100 off your first SIU Wellness Plan for private training!

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