Drop In Care for the Summer and Why Every Parent Needs It: Part 1

My name is Brittany and I am a sixth grade language arts teacher in Waconia. My husband, Chris, is also a teacher. He teaches math in Glencoe. We are both fortunate enough to have time in the summer to be home with our son because of our profession, however, we still find value in him going to daycare 3-4 times a week.

Children of Tomorrow provides great learning and social opportunities for our son that we simply cannot replicate at home. Being at home as a family allows us to go out and explore our city and state throughout the summer, but being at Children of Tomorrow provides the close peer interactions we have less opportunity to give him as an only child at home. Being among his friends and a larger group allows our son to continue practicing important social skills like sharing and playing well with others. The routine of the weekly summer activities including park, water, and bike days with the many field trips allow our son to thrive with the structured weekly and daily routines just as he does during the school year. Having more exploration outdoors during the summer early preschool learning routine while still maintaining a routine structure helps our son feel comfortable enough to try the new experiences the summer program at Children of Tomorrow offers. 

While our son is at Children of Tomorrow, my husband and I are able to focus on professional and personal hobbies. I teach summer school half days and plan for the upcoming school year with colleagues. My husband is a competitive running and obstacle course racer so sending our son to daycare gives him the time to train and participate in events. I also find time to exercise daily and relax; things that are much more difficult during the school year because they require time after school that I’d rather devote to my son. Summers provide a great opportunity for me to recharge as an educator and take care of myself physically and mentally. It’s also a time for my husband and me to take care of tasks that come with being a homeowner more quickly so we can devote ourselves completely to our son when he is home.

Sending my son to COT 3-4 times a week is a decision that works really well for all members of my family. My husband and I have time to recharge and take care of ourselves in the summer which is much needed after the school year. Our son gets to be with his friends and teachers he loves and enjoys learning with each day he’s there. We all get to be together and spend family time together on the days he is home. It’s a win-win for all of us and helps us stay a healthy, happy family!

Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers provide drop in care at all four locations based on center availability. Visit our website at childrenoftomorrow.com or reach any of our directors by location at:

Chanhassen| Angel 952-448-7829 

Carver| Chelsey 952-466-2603

Waconia| Ashley 952-443-9900

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