Halloween Costumes for Kids

Minnesota Friendly Halloween Costumes for Kids

Did you feel that crisp breeze? That’s right, fall is already here. Time for leaf piles, football games, and pumpkin spice. But that’s not all…perhaps the most important fall decision is right around the corner. HALLOWEEN KIDS COSTUMES!

We know you’re busy so we went ahead and made a list of the cutest and coziest Halloween kids costumes to help you survive Minnesota trick or treating with no tears or cold kiddos!

Halloween Kids Costume 1: Cruella De Vil (inspired by the movie 101 Dalmations)

         This modern costume is not only fun, but also warm and comfortable. You can even bring a dog stuffed animal or your real dog along for the ride!

You’ll need: A black and white wig or temporary hair dye, a wand (any stick works with the help of black and white pant), red gloves and a cozy black polka dot jacket. Have your child wear black leggings or tights depending on the weather and pair with pearls for an extra fun look. 

Halloween Kids Costume 2: Sadness (inspired by the movie Inside Out):

If you haven’t seen the movie Inside Out, go watch it immediately! This heartwarming animation details the emotions of a young girl during her family’s move. This costume idea is for sadness in particular, but if joy, disgust, fear or anger are more your speed they would all make a creative costume — or better yet a group costume for those of you big families!

You’ll need: A blue wig or hair dye, blue face paint, a cozy light blue sweater or jacket, dark blue sweatpants/jeans, and large circular glasses to pull off this character!

Halloween Kids Costume 3: A Witch

Nothing is as timeless as the good old witch costume. I’ve been a witch, you’ve likely been a witch, it seems to be a rite of passage. There are many ways to pull off this look which makes it a perfect fit for your child’s creative mind!

You’ll need: With all the ways you can attack this costume, there are a few staples you must have to pull it off. You’ll need a witch hat and a fun prop such as a broom or a wand. Whether your child’s more the dress type or the cloak type is entirely up to you. To make this look extra fun you can add in some colorful stocking and black boots.

Kids Halloween Costume Witch

Halloween Kids Costume 4: A Troll (inspired by the hit move Trolls)

A movie inspired costume strikes again! What’s more fun than dressing up like our favorite characters? This is the perfect costume for both boys and girls as there are so many different trolls to choose from.

You’ll need: A trolls wig or some DIY fluffy colorful hair, colorful pants, a colorful dress or shirt, face paint for added effect.

Halloween Kids Costume 5: A Grandpa or Grandma (inspired by the movie Up)

This is such a cute and easy costume perfect for toddlers! If you’re looking for an adorable costume for your little one, this is the costume for you- all you need to do is make a quick run to your local target and you’ll be good to go!

You’ll need: Colorful balloons (a combination of blue, yellow, red, green and orange works best), a DIY walker (you can use paper towel rolls, duct tape and tennis balls), and some big glasses. Now that you’ve got the props down, all you need to do is find a cute sweater and some dressy pants and you’ve got your little grandpa all ready to go!

Halloween Kids Costume 6: A Cow (inspired by Chick-Fil-A)

What could be better than a combination of a cute animal costume and your favorite place to grab a chicken sandwich? This getup is bound to get some laughs and keep your child warm and cozy!

All you need is a cow costume and a white poster board. Simply write “Eat Mor Chikin” on the poster board and have your kid hold it as a sign to take this cow costume to the next level. You could even bring along some nuggets and fries!

Halloween Kids Costume 7: Grapes

Grapes are the perfect DIY costume for young toddlers – the early trick or treaters. As long as your kid isn’t bumping into any sharp objects this should hold up great and be a costume to remember.

It only requires two main pieces, purple balloons and a green hat for the stem. You can layer any items under the balloon making this perfect for any weather.

Halloween Kids Costume 8: Scuba Diver

Another DIY favorite is the scuba diver. You can use any old pair of swimming googles, a liter soda bottle for the tank, and cardboard cut outs for the flippers. This one’s great for the binkie loving young ones – just attach a string between the binkie and the scuba tank (soda bottle) for a more realistic looking oxygen tank.

Halloween Kids Costume 9: Boss Baby (inspired by the movie Boss Baby)

Last but most definitely not least is the Boss Baby Costume. A movie inspired costume strikes again! This hilarious number is bound to get some laughs and will be an exciting adventure for all the boss baby loving toddlers out there.

Grab a little suit, fake phone prop and some hair gel and you’re off to the races!

With these Halloween kids costume ideas and many more that can be found on sites like Pinterest, you’re sure to make it a fun time!

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