How Children Can Learn & Grow Mentally, Physically and Emotionally this Summer

Building custom curriculum that meets the needs of the children in our care is part of our unique brilliance here at Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers. And, summer is one of my favorite curriculums to build as we take the 3 core areas of stimulation and learning: mental, physical and emotional and infuse it with summer fun.

Hello! My name is Coral Gonzales and I am a Lead Preschool Teacher and the Curriculum Coordinator at Chanhassen Children of Tomorrow. Originally from Texas with eight siblings and tons of pets on a ranch, I moved to Minnesota originally seven years ago for school and have just fallen in love with the place. Still trying to get used to the winters however. I love traveling, a warm beach, music, reading, spending time with my fiancé, friends and visiting Texas to see my family. With an AA in Intercultural Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Montessori, building summer curriculum for COT is one of the areas I really enjoy as we work to help kids to learn and grow in 3 key areas:


Last month we announced our summer camp theme: If You Read A Child A Book. I believe literacy is the foundation to a child’s success in all learning areas. When we read to a child, we give them growth in language and imagination and an understanding of the world around them. Part of our summer curriculum is continuing academics. We involve all areas of academics including creative art, science, math, and of course literacy through reading, songs and writing.

March 2nd was National Read Across America Day. The children at COT were able to get a feel for the summer by reading and learning about different Dr. Seuss books like Green Eggs and Ham. The children made green eggs at art by rolling a marble dipped in paint around the paper egg they made. Then, they took their egg creations to the language table and wrote where they would not eat green eggs and ham. To encourage knowledge about nutrition and practical life skills, the kids prepared a version of green eggs by adding yogurt to a graham cracker and topping with a small green chocolate candy in our science area. In our math area, kids were given the opportunity to share which Dr. Seuss book was their favorite and graph the classroom answers.

At COT, we believe that learning is more than just using our brains. Children need physical development to be successful too which leads to our next area of growth…


When we allow children to play outside, we give them the opportunity to exercise and grow their physical capabilities. When children are running, jumping, dancing and playing games like ball or tag they are working on strengthening their muscles, hand-eye coordination and of course their overall health and happiness. They get to explore the outside world around them like seeing an army of ants taking food to their colony and watching a butterfly flutter by. These learning moments get their brains and bodies moving as they investigate.

As a part of our summer program, the preschool children get to take their learning out on field trips. We will have the opportunity to go to the zoo and see animals we read about in Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Dance and sing like Pete the Cat at Music in the Park and watch books come to life at the theater. We know that movement is a vital piece to child development and when they play, they play with others. This leads to the final area of growth…


As adults, we know how important it is to foster positive social interactions with peers. Friendship develops social and emotional skills and creates a sense of belonging that increases self-confidence and altruism. While at COT, children are given the great opportunity to work with peers. Whether it’s working together to build a tower or playing a game of tag, we are actively teaching the kids how to problem solve and encourage and nurture positive relationships with each other and with us the teachers. COT Summer Camp provides an extra fun way to continue to build those emotional connections.

Contact your COT location to make sure you’re registered for the 2020 Summer Camp and continue to grow your child’s learning mentally, physically and emotionally this summer!

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Coral Gonzales, Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers
Lead Preschool Teacher & Chanhassen COT Curriculum Coordinator

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