When it Comes to Children’s Dental Health, Prevention is Key!

The month of February is children’s dental health month, and even though primary (baby) teeth will eventually be lost naturally, it’s important to show them love as they have many essential functions!

When it comes to children's dental health, prevention is key!

  • Healthy primary teeth give children self confidence and allow them to smile!
  • Primary teeth are important for speech development and nutrition.
  • Perhaps most importantly, primary teeth function to maintain the space for their permanent successors, which begin arriving around age 6 and finish around age 12.

Establishing healthy, preventative dental routines both at home and at the dental office is significantly easier and less costly than treatment to fix problems, and gives children a positive first impression of the dentist.

Healthy children’s dental routines include:

  • Limiting the frequency of carbohydrates.
  • Daily brushing (especially before bed!) with a small smear of fluoride containing toothpaste and flossing between the back teeth where most cavities begin.
  • Regularly visiting the dentist beginning at age 3. Many pediatricians recommend earlier visits starting at around age 1, but visits before age 3 are usually more geared towards education for the parents as very young children aren’t as excited about opening wide for us!

Regular children's dental check-ups serve many purposes:

  • They give children a positive first impression of the dental office as preventative procedures are easy and stress-free.
  • They allow us to prevent problems by cleaning the teeth, applying cavity-preventing fluoride, and give caregivers home care instructions.
  • They allow us to find problems early when they arise, making solutions easier and less costly.

Most dental problems are easily prevented with proper care and knowledge. Please ensure your child receives proper preventative treatment at a young age and keep them smiling for years to come!

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