Back To School | What Every Parent Needs To Hear, Know And Value

Here we go, how exciting! Our 2019 school year has quickly approached and like any other school year I feel overly prepared in one sense and not quite prepared in another.

As a mother of 3 and the Director of Core Values at COT, I have listened, watched, and spoken with so many COT parents in the last 5 years. You have all shared your excitement, fears and best memories with us. I’ve seen those parent jitters for your kiddos that rise up unexpectedly at times. Sometimes you pushed the jitters to the side to confront at a later time and other times you may have leaned into them a bit more. Snuggling your kids every night and not wanting them to grow up may have been your biggest priority of the day. However, there are other moments like during this back to school time when we sometimes have to be strong because this…THIS is what we have prepared them for – spreading their wings to fly. But, that wave of independence sweeping over them can leave us feeling…less than whole. As I sent my oldest to Kindergarten this year, I gleaned a few insights on what a parent needs to hear, know and value during this back to school rush.

What you need to HEAR: You’re doing it – day in and day out! You’re being the best parent you know how to be. You’re scheduling, maintaining and learning on a daily basis and we understand it. Always know we are here for you with each step. Whether it’s your child’s first day here or their 100th, we want them to be their best selves and learn, create and thrive each and every day.

What you need to KNOW: You’re on the right path! Your children are already in a loving and caring atmosphere where they can laugh, play and most importantly grow. School is a routine for them and a place of excitement, wonder and fun. While your child is here, they are doing more than just learning. They are becoming who they are meant to be. They are developing a sense of community, security and exploration. They are fine tuning letters, numbers and colors. And, they’re being stimulated on a daily basis. Sensory, social and play stimulation will ultimately help your child learn and be more focused in their classrooms.

What you need to VALUE: What you believe, learn from and cherish starts at home and extends into the classroom and we have the unique opportunity to instill those in our children each day. The most important thing I have learned while being a parent is to have my own FAMILY VALUES. My family’s values are: BE KIND, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST, BE GRATEFUL ALWAYS and MIND YOUR MANNERS.

While working for Children of Tomorrow we strongly believe in our CORE VALUES as we continue to instill these in our staff, children and community every day.

High Achievement for All

Excellence in Teaching


Respect for Human Differences

Education and Fairness

At the end of the day, we only want the best for our children and the children we teach. Most of our staff are parents who like you are learning and educating themselves every day to help create future leaders, or scientists and maybe architects. We’re all on the same team, we’re all here with a common goal and we’re standing behind you 100% of the way! As a parent I need to hear that I’M DOING GREAT and I need to know MY CHILD IS WELL TAKEN CARE OF and I need to VALUE EACH MOMENT AND OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH THEM.

Change is hard, but man it’s so worth it. Thank you for letting us be a part of your child’s journey during this back to school time and throughout the year. We couldn’t ask for better families!

So, hats off to the new school year because we got this!

Mara Habisch
Director of Core Values
Children of Tomorrow Learning Centers

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Mara has been with Children of Tomorrow for 5 years and resides in Winsted, MN with her 3 children, husband Blake and dog Bear. If you would like to be a guest contributor on our blog, please contact