A Mother’s Guide to Mindful Meditation

Finding moments in the day for mindful meditation can have amazing benefits for both you and your family.

Imagine quiet, calm, serene and tranquil. For a moments time, you are listening to your own breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. A peaceful feeling rushes through you. Then, you hear “Mommy, can you help me?”

What if in that moment you smile and begin your day knowing you took time for you? You feel centered and alive without guilt.

Mindful meditation and what it can do for your heart, mind, body and soul is an incredible phenomenon I have learned about quickly. While listening to a podcast this year, the woman talking expressed how much she felt more aligned after she did her “mindful meditation” for the day. I thought, okay lady, if in 30 minutes you felt more alive, refocused, energized, and calm, then I am all in.

I took her advice and found some short guided meditation sessions right where I listen to podcasts. It’s been a journey of where I take the first 10-30 minutes every morning. No interruptions just me and the lady in my head…I mean on the podcast that is.

I have learned a ton by doing this and writing down my 10 things I’m grateful for each day. This reminds me that in this crazy, sometimes unsupportive, and upside down world, we all need a moment of grace, a moment of mindfulness and a moment to be a human being.

If meditation intimidates you, don’t let it. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared of it or put off by it at first. But, let me tell you, it’s taught me that my “me time” is what helps my littles, our family, and my daily routine function better. So, I encourage you to start this with an open mind.

I also have started doing a bedtime meditation with my boys as they anxiously await another school day. It’s the calm they need before they lay their sweet heads on their pillows for the night and some great quality time together.

Here are my two favorite meditation sessions right now, but please do your research and figure out what mediation works best for you and your family. Find these where you listen to podcasts…

Meditation Resource 1:
Mindful Minute with Meryl Arnett

For any new beginner in meditation. My advice: just let her guide you and enjoy the moment while you’re in it.

Meditation Resource 2:
Peace Out

Short stories that help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises. Helps teach, mindfulness, and self-regulation.

My children love these and I hope you do too!

Why is meditation important now and in the future? I believe that if you create a mindful and meaningful day, you will continue to share your light and kindness with others and that’s something that we all need right now.

Thank you for being a part of our COT family! We hope this encourages and helps you.

Mara Habisch
Director of Core Values

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